Mountain Orchard Apple Picking Tradition

I’m sad to say farewell to summer after all our hot days at the parks and splash pads, swimming in the pools of our friends and making summer memories. But what’s awesome about summer ending is that fall activities are ready to start! It really begins in September as the local fairs begin, then into […]

Monkey Around Play & Learn Centre

Just when we thought we couldn’t get ANOTHER Ottawa area membership for the kids… well, today we acquired another one at Monkey Around Play and Learn Centre! I really had no intention of getting another yearly membership but, I find myself frequenting both Kids kingdom locations often so I needed some new scenery. We also […]

Travelling with Kids – Mexico 2018

Lately I’ve been dreaming of what our next family vacation will be and it got me thinking about our trip to Mexico this past April for our friend’s wedding. I thought I would reminisce with you and share some of our experiences and tips on travelling with children. Our life (pre-kids) always allowed us to […]

Hulk Cupcakes (aka Sweet Spinach Gluten Free Muffins)

I bought my new Gotham Steel muffin tin today because I’ve had this recipe in my mind for the past couple weeks but have been too busy to try it out. As you know, I’m always trying to find healthy recipes for my kids that sneak in ingredients they may not otherwise eat. A friend […]

Birthday Parties in Ottawa

Now that September has rolled around, it’s time to start planning my boys’ birthday parties.  Jax’s birthday is in January and Hudson’s is in February, they are exactly 2 years and 2 weeks apart. I absolutely love planning their parties, mostly to see the joy on their faces when the day comes – such a […]