Hulk Cupcakes (aka Sweet Spinach Gluten Free Muffins)

I bought my new Gotham Steel muffin tin today because I’ve had this recipe in my mind for the past couple weeks but have been too busy to try it out. As you know, I’m always trying to find healthy recipes for my kids that sneak in ingredients they may not otherwise eat. A friend of mine sent me a similar recipe to this which was great inspiration and I searched for something else that didn’t contain sugar… and voila! Again, I love it because it uses bananas which Hudson LOVES to waste (did I mention I HATE waste?!) and there is also spinach in them! Bonus!!

Getting all the wet ingredients ready.
Look at those brows and lips.  He means business!

With Jax, I reallyyyyyyy talked up the “green” factor of these babies and decided to call them Hulk cupcakes. This got Jax really excited about the whole process. It’s so funny because I wouldn’t consider myself a baker but obviously kids love to help bake – it’s literally the cutest thing in the world. Jax will pull up one of our kitchen chairs and asks about all the different ingredients, as he says “what ingredient is next, Mom?” Melts my heart.

You can find the full recipe on the Super Healthy Kids website here.

I’m ready, Ma!  Notice that little head in the background?
Hudson trying to sneak a taste.
Patiently waiting.

There are lots of simple ingredients in this particular recipe including bananas, cinnamon, flour (I used gluten free and it turned out just great), egg, vanilla extract, baking powder and soda, honey and of course spinach! I decided to tone the spinach down for my first time trying the recipe to see how much you could taste it. I was worried that with no sugar in the recipe and lots of spinach that it may not mask the taste, but you couldn’t taste it at all so I’m going to up the spinach ante next time!

Beautiful results.
Success!!!! (Albeit, messy)

Who knew I would become such a baker, it’s so funny how kids change so many things in your life. So, give this recipe a whirl in your kitchen and let me know you like it.

As always, please share your toddler friendly (sneaky) recipes! Can’t wait to hear!

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