Travelling with Kids – Mexico 2018

Lately I’ve been dreaming of what our next family vacation will be and it got me thinking about our trip to Mexico this past April for our friend’s wedding. I thought I would reminisce with you and share some of our experiences and tips on travelling with children. Our life (pre-kids) always allowed us to travel to adult-only resorts, so being asked to attend our friend’s wedding thousands of miles away was a whole new experience for us.

Firstly, I was worried about what to pack when travelling with two young children. I have a hard-enough time packing for myself and usually end up overpacking because I need options! Packing tip: because Jax was a paid ticket, we took advantage of his luggage allowance for both the kids with one carry on and one checked bag.

When your flight is at 6 a.m., you roll in in your jammies!
Patiently waiting.

Secondly, I worried about the plane ride. I needed to find activities for the kids so they didn’t go crazy during the long flight. I made sure to download a bunch of Netflix shows on their iPad and bought a good set of headphones for each of them. I also got sticker books, mini lego packs, and other small toys. One of my favourite sticker books are the Melissa & Doug reusable sticker sets – these are amazing and kept the kids busy for hours. Jax and Hudson also love putting them on our windows, mirrors and the fridge at home! All of these little activities also came in handy at the resort in various situations, like dinners and while we got ready.

Travelling tip: I found this awesome Fun n Fly foldable travel tray from Amazon that is simply brilliant because it keeps all your toys inside the tray and prevents mom and dad from picking up all the lost pieces of the floor the whole flight.

Fun in the sun on day one!
First dinner out.

We made sure to get their shots for Hepatitis A & B which was combined in Twin Rx Junior. We made an appointment with a travel nurse at our doctor’s office to go over everything we may need for this particular travel destination and she also recommended bringing a prescription of GD-Azithromycin should the kids get diarrhea, which luckily they didn’t but it gave us peace of mind to have the prescription handy. Other than those important items, our travel medicine case included Children’s and Adults Tylenol and Advil, Children and Adults Gravol, Children’s Benadryl, Hydralyte tablets for the kids, Pepto Bismol, Polysporin and diaper cream.

Luckily Jax was potty trained already so we didn’t have to pack diapers for him! We prefer disposable swim diapers but I purchased reusable ones for this trip to save space. Sunscreen and bug spray are essentials that you don’t want to pay a fortune for at the resort. I bought 2 sunscreen spray bottles for the kids and that was MORE than enough. I still have some leftover and used it all summer!


Passed out cold every time!
Ready for dinner.

I packed a casual daytime outfit for each day for each boy, and one outfit for each for dinner.  They had 2 swim suits each to rotate, and of course, sun hats. I knew that I probably wouldn’t need these casual day outfits as they are in their suits all day, but I brought them just in case.  Note to self – ditch the day outfits for next time. We literally were, as suspected in our swim suits all day. Of course, if you plan daytime excursions this may not apply to you. We did however make the mistake of only bringing short sleeved rash guards and regardless of how much sunscreen we applied, Hudson’s poor little arms burnt on the second last day so we ended up getting gauged by purchasing 2 rash guards at $50 USD each. Ouch! But, they are super cute thankfully and we used them all summer too!

Don’t forget the beach toys! One great space saver were the collapsible beach buckets I found on Amazon. We got various shovels, beach balls, and cute sand toys to bring. Oh, and squirt guns! P.S. they all fit it in our luggage no problem.

We loved chilling in the hammocks.
Beach naps are the best naps.

One purchase that was worth every penny was our travel double stroller. We do have a double already but we wanted something lighter. We went with the Zoe double stroller, it is the lightest travel double on the market weighing only 16 lbs. It was an absolute god send for long airport waits. It was a dream for naps as every day we would hang by the pool or beach, and when it was time to go for lunch we would wheel them around for a quick walk to get them to sleep and they were passed out within 10 minutes. Just in time for the grown-ups to enjoy their lunch in peace.

We were lucky that our friends getting married have great taste and chose the Royalton Riviera Cancun for their resort. It was five-star family luxury! There was a Kids Club which offers daycare but we didn’t bother. We were lucky to have both John’s mother and my mother join us and they shared a room so it was a lovely family trip. Food was excellent, drinks even more excellent. Service was impeccable! We upgraded to a swim out room which I have always wanted and it was great to have that option with the kids.

Swim out room perfection.

I recommend upgrading to the diamond club which gives you special perks, like your own butler, reservations at restaurants, a private diamond club only pool (which was the best one) and beach. There is a huge kids pool area with slides and all sorts of structures that we hung out at one day but Jax and Hudson LOVED the diamond club pool so that worked out great for us with the swim up bar.

Jax was the ring bearer for the wedding so we got them the cutest little outfits! They both had linen shorts, with white linen shirts purchased from Trendy Bambini in Toronto. We bought them some light grey converse from Journey’s and the most adorable blush pink polka dot suspenders with a matching blush pink bow tie from The Boytique Express on Etsy. They were the cutest little pair, and the wedding was so beautiful.

He did such a good job.
Brides with the boys, matching of course!

Such a memorable vacation. With kids, (as young as mine anyway) I feel like all-inclusive vacations are so easy, but I would love to hear your experience! I would most definitely recommend this resort and would absolutely return.

We loved travelling with them and can’t wait for the next trip. What it will be, who knows! Any ideas and suggestions? Also, what are your special travel hacks with kids?

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  1. Hi, Amazing post. Photos showed how much you had fun. Once I forgot to bring beach toys and I also remember this mistake. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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