Monkey Around Play & Learn Centre

Just when we thought we couldn’t get ANOTHER Ottawa area membership for the kids… well, today we acquired another one at Monkey Around Play and Learn Centre!

I really had no intention of getting another yearly membership but, I find myself frequenting both Kids kingdom locations often so I needed some new scenery. We also have the Cosmic Adventures membership… we really LOVE it there but I can’t go alone. Unfortunately, it’s just too large for me with the kids alone, at this age anyway, so I always go when my husband is with me or a friend.

Little climbing monkeys.
Hudson does this little car, they have it at Cosmic too!

At Monkey Around, I paid the regular rate walking in the door with the idea that if I wanted to put that entry fee towards a membership on the way out, I could.

I like that it’s a little smaller in size but large enough for the kids to have fun. This is a big safety factor for me because I don’t worry about my children getting lost. Everything is visible and they have great security measures in place similar to most of the other play centres in the city.

What sealed the deal for me in getting the yearly membership is that there are two unique factors that other play centres don’t have. Can you say, jumping pillow!! OMG, Jax and Hudson were sweating their butts off having an absolute ball! It makes me happy to see them having fun while getting lots of exercise in and burning off energy. Secondly, they have a little section full of tricycles, and certain times in that area where older kids can roller skate.

Smiling at their new friends.
What is this awesome thing!?


Off to the other corner is a padded baby area that is just perfect for Hudson. He loves the climbing area, and the slide he handles like a champ following his big brother. Have I mention the games?!  Although truth be told, my husband John and I have more fun with the games then the kids do… but we are obviously trying to win them more tickets for better prizes, right? LOL! The variety of different games is awesome… for us, AND for the kid. Parent approved!

This is my favourite game, a bunch of balls come out and you have to throw them at certain targets.
I let them throw a few LOL.

It was also great chatting with a couple of other moms there. Jax and Hudson made a bunch of new friends that they were tearing up the place with which makes me so happy to see them interacting with new kids. Today I really felt fortunate that Jax is a January baby because I get a full extra year to spend with him (had he been born a mere 18 days earlier, he would be in school now)! I’m so thankful for this extra time together and I’m sure Hudson is too!

Time to claim our prizes!
All that playing works up an appetite!

On that note, I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring! Where should I get my next membership (just kidding… maybe)! The only one I’m missing is Saunders Farm which I’m going to get in the summer. What are your favourite places to visit with kiddos? Are there any that I don’t know of? I would love a new surprise!

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    1. It really is great! $120 for one child and $210 for two 🙂 Thanks for the read. It really gets fun when they are old enough to climb around. There is also a fairly large baby area at the back.

  1. Your kids look like they are having so much fun! My husband and I starting to look around at what places we may end up getting memberships for my daughter – we have something close by that looks similar to this, might check it out!

  2. What a fun place to hang out with your kids! I wish we had more places like this where I live now. We used to take our son to play places like this one back when we lived in Washington state

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