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Hey guys! I wanted to share with you the most amazing service I just received from a company in Ottawa called “Cleen Detailing”. Let’s talk about a bad mom-mobile situation, I have been long overdue for a car detail, and I can’t even believe I let it go this long! McDonalds fries from Happy Meals in crevices I couldn’t even reach, OR where I could reach but didn’t bother.  Toys literally EVERYWHERE… and then the normal dust, dirt and nastiness that comes with time (and kids). I can’t even believe I’m going to share these before pictures with you.


I was looking around at different companies and it just seemed like such a pain for me to drop off my car somewhere, try to get a ride back (even if shuttle is available), no car seats for the kids etc. So I started to research mobile car details and came across Cleen Detailing. The online reviews were incredible, and for a busy mom like me, the best part was having the opportunity to have my car professionally detailed in my own driveway.

I decided to give them a try!

Not as scary as what’s underneath, but still terrible!

You’ll notice in my before pics all the toys and garbage, I wasn’t cruel enough to leave all that for the detailer and removed it all but he still had a good job on his hands. I was scared to remove the two child car seats in the back to see what was lurking underneath. Sure enough… toys, fries, animal crackers, typical kid stuff. I’m pretty sure I found a grilled cheese sandwich piece that might have been about a year old, no joke. I was feeling sorry for this guy that was about to show up, but I was certain he would have encountered far worse.

Anyone want a fry or animal cracker?  Finely preserved?

Jared showed up right on time at 11am sharp. All he required to get the job done is an electrical outlet and hose hook up to water. They employ hardworking students which is pretty cool and you can apply right online. It’s nice to be able to have a clean car and empower some hardworking young students while doing so.

Jared working his magic.

A commercial grade steam clean is included with every single clean. It includes deep salt stain removal, chemical free vapour cleanse and 99.9% of bacteria is removed. Impressive, right?

It’s white again!

They keep it simple and affordable with two packages to choose from: “The Cleen” which is a full interior detail, or “The Cleen Plus”, their most popular service which ALSO includes the exterior detail. I went with The Cleen Plus because let’s face it, it was needed! When he arrived, I was able to just stroll down to the neighbourhood park while he did his thing – the kids and I played for about an hour then came back for lunch all while he was re-beautifying my ride. I fed my kids lunch, put Hudson down for a nap… then paid him and he was done! The amazing service and convenience is second to none.

When I saw the results I couldn’t believe it – my car was brand new again. First thing I said was no more eating in the car for the kids, but that probably won’t last long. No big deal, I’ll just get another Cleen Detailing when needed but won’t wait as long this time.

WOW, just WOW.
This can’t be the same car!?
He did the impossible!
I’m so happy with this!

You can visit their website for more details and to book your appointment

Get $10 off your detail using promo code NaomiBianca613.

They make it super easy to book online, but you can also call. You should definitely take advantage of this service and let me know how you like it! Bonus points for before and after pics!

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