Bye Bye Mom Bod, Hello Fleming Fitness

I was always active growing up. I didn’t play a lot of sports, but my parents put me in Tae Kwon Do when I was a kid. I practiced often, eventually earning my 2nd degree black belt – to this day, I’m very proud of this achievement. After Tae Kwon Do, I started working out at […]

Little Kickers – The Home of Pre-School Soccer – Ottawa Soccer Classes

Jax loves getting out and participating in activities. As you know, I’ve been taking him to swimming lessons since he was 3 months old and in a recent blog, talked about how we switched him from city lessons to The Aqualife Academy. I was itching to get him into something else fun and stumbled on […]

Pumpkinfest at Proulx Farm Orleans

We recently discovered the most amazing little gem in Ottawa’s east end called Proulx Farm– I found it on a Facebook page I frequently visit called Embracing Ottawa. Every Friday, they list all the fun activities for kids that are going on in the city, it’s my go-to! Every week I look forward to the […]

Mountain Orchard Apple Picking Tradition

I’m sad to say farewell to summer after all our hot days at the parks and splash pads, swimming in the pools of our friends and making summer memories. But what’s awesome about summer ending is that fall activities are ready to start! It really begins in September as the local fairs begin, then into […]

Monkey Around Play & Learn Centre

Just when we thought we couldn’t get ANOTHER Ottawa area membership for the kids… well, today we acquired another one at Monkey Around Play and Learn Centre! I really had no intention of getting another yearly membership but, I find myself frequenting both Kids kingdom locations often so I needed some new scenery. We also […]